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Foreign Policy

$1 billion+
$68.61-$72.71 million over 10 years
$8 billion per year H.R.249 - Defunding United Nations Act of 2017 (Rep. Babin, R-TX)
$20 billion over 10 years
$300 million per year Amendment to transportation spending bill from Senator Rand Paul
$814 million
Up to $30 billion per year
$25 billion per year
$1 million per soldier per year 2017 NDAA Amendment from Senator Rand Paul
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    “If we are going to effectively tackle the long-term national security threat posed by our national debt, then we need to seriously examine how our defense dollars are being spent. Waste and inefficiency within the Pentagon not only contributes to our nation’s debt and deficit, it also diminishes the effectiveness of our nation’s armed forces."

    Dan Caldwell, USMC (ret.)
    Concerned Veterans for America
    Dan Caldwell, USMC (ret.)
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    “I'm concerned that our increasing fractious political process, particularly with respect to federal spending, is threatening our ability to properly defend our nation both in the short term and especially in the long term."

    Dan Coats
    Director of National Intelligence
    Dan Coats
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    “This guide is a much-needed first step toward encouraging politicians to consider all available options for substantive Pentagon reform. Our troops deserve better than broken bureaucracy, and politicians shouldn't fool themselves into thinking that throwing money at the problem is the solution."

    Capt. Dan Grazier, USMC (ret.)
    Project on Government Oversight
    Capt. Dan Grazier, USMC (ret.)